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Our PDF Compressor provides unlimited usage and enables you to compress PDF files easily. With its powerful compression processing, it quickly reduces the size of the selected PDF without compromising on the quality. Rest assured that your files are safe as they will be automatically and permanently deleted from our servers after two hours. This user-friendly tool does not require any advanced knowledge, making it accessible to all users. Whether you need to compress a single PDF or multiple files at once, our PDF compressor is designed to meet your needs. This article provides an overview of the features and steps for compressing PDF files online.


UNLIMITED USE: Enjoy free and unlimited access to our PDF compressor to compress PDF files as many times as you need.

Fast Compression: Benefit from powerful compression processing that instantly reduces the size of your selected PDF.

SECURE & PRIVATE: Your uploaded files are automatically and permanently deleted from our servers after two hours, ensuring data privacy.

Batch Compression: Easily compress multiple PDFs at once, saving time and effort.

User-friendly interface: Our tool is designed with simplicity in mind, which does not require any technical expertise to compress PDF files.

ONLINE ACCESSIBLE: Use PDF Compressor from any Internet-connected device and browser, regardless of your operating system.

Steps to compress PDF online:

Upload PDF: Select the PDF files you want to compress on PDF Compressor Tool.

Preview and set size: See a preview of the selected PDF and use the slider to set the desired compression size.

Add or Remove PDFs: Easily manage your list of selected PDFs by adding or removing files as needed.

Download Compressed PDFs: Once the compression process is complete, download each compressed PDF individually or as a zip file.

How to compress PDF file for free:

Select PDF: Select the PDF file you want to compress on PDF Compressor.

Preview: Get the preview of selected PDF on PDF Compressor tool.

Adjust Size: Use the slider to adjust the compression size as per your preference.

Manage PDFs: Add or remove PDFs from the list as needed.

Download Compressed PDF: After compression, download the compressed PDF from PDF Compressor.


PDF Compressor is a powerful and user-friendly tool for compressing PDF files online. With unlimited access and fast processing, you can easily reduce PDF file size without any hassle. The tool automatically deletes uploaded files after two hours, protecting your data privacy. Follow the simple steps to compress PDF files easily and enjoy the benefits of this free online PDF compressor. Start compressing PDF now and optimize your file storage and sharing experience.